I have always loved my grandchildren, and I have 
loved making blankets for 
them. After making several blankets, their moms' friends started asking for them too. About fifteen years ago, I decided to make my hobby a small business. I love creating blankets and hearing people's excitement when they send or receive them.

Thank you for visiting my website. This makes it so much easier to share with you all of my fabrics. Although it would be much simpler if I had fewer. I love all the wonderful flannel fabrics that are available, and I know that you love having lots of choices.


Custom Blankets

As you choose your blanket's front, please keep in mind that I can use gingham, plaid, stripes, or a coordinating fabric on the reverse side of any fabric you choose. The decorative stitch pattern around the outside edge will vary to match the fabric pattern.


Martha R. Mitchell
4280 Dark Hollow Rd.
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 779-9135